Our Story

MENA Impact is an Arab woman led company. The background of the founder, Nadine Zidani, daughter of Moroccan immigrants, born and raised in France. After a successful career in the corporate world and 1-year sabbatical where she questioned her true impact in the world, she moved to Dubai and started her company fully bootstrapped, with one dream: Give back to the Arab World.

I am conscious of how privileged I was to have access to the best schools and universities in Europe, and working for big companies, although I am coming from a humble background. So, I want to give back to the Arab world, where my roots belong, and see our region shine.”

She created MENA Impact to help companies and entrepreneurs in shaping the future of sustainable businesses in the region. Through her innovative and visionary thinking, she aims to build a thriving impact-driven ecosystem that will support the growth of the region and shed light on its potential. She firmly believes in the ability of the MENA region to lead by example in achieving the SDGs and building sustainable business models.

Our region has its own challenges, from social and environmental standpoints. Yet, our youth count for more than half of the population, and sustainability opens endless opportunities for them to make a true impact and lead the change. Whatever we do, we should have them in mind.

Based on 2 years of research and experience, she decided to develop a holistic approach combining consulting, training, research,and hub, offering a one-stop shop for all types of organizations looking to make an impact. She consciously focuses exclusively on the MENA region, to respond to its own challenges.

To learn more about Nadine Zidani’s work and achievements, you can consult her website: www.nadinezidani.com.