Meet The Team

Nadine Zidani

Founder & CEO

“I am conscious of how privileged I was to have access to the best schools and universities in Europe, and working for big companies, although I am coming from a humble background. So, I want to give back to the Arab world, where my roots belong, and see our region shine.”

“Making a positive impact has always been a core motivator for me.. Witnessing the power of collective action to create lasting impact is what truly inspires me.  Joining Mena Impact allows me to channel this passion into tangible results for the MENA region.  Here, I’m surrounded by a team that shares this commitment, and together, we’re building a more sustainable future.”

Malak Al Batta

Content Lead

Samir Lahlabat

Marketing Lead

“Mena Impact’s relentless pursuit of positive change resonated deeply with me. Here, I see an opportunity to not just build a career as a Marketing professional from Palestine, but contribute to a movement that’s actively shaping a more sustainable future.”

“Joining Mena Impact was a natural choice for me, driven by my faith in the collective strength of individuals coming together for a common cause. With its commitment to driving positive change in the Arab world, Mena Impact offers me the perfect platform to translate my aspirations into impactful actions, working towards a brighter future for our region.”

Marwan Samamreh

Technical Lead

Advisory Board

Lucy Muigai

CEO of B Lab Africa

Inspired by Mena Impact’s dedication to a thriving MENA impact ecosystem. Joining their advisory board – can’t wait to contribute!