Our Impact

Our Impact

MENA Impact is dedicated to assessing, improving, and transparently reporting its environmental and social impact. As a startup, we prioritize our impact and challenge our business practices. We have established an impact strategy that serves as a guiding framework for our vision and lays a solid foundation for our operations.
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Guided by our Purpose

Our purpose is our guiding light in every business decision. We’re dedicated to making a positive impact in MENA, fostering a thriving ecosystem that showcases our region’s potential in achieving the 17 SDGs. We embrace opportunities, partners, and projects aligned with our ethos and mission, and decline those that aren’t.

B Corp certification with Mena Impact

Get the B Corp Certification​

As we assist businesses in obtaining B Corp certification in the MENA region, we are also on the path to becoming a certified B Corp ourselves. Since our inception, we have been strong advocates of the B Corp movement in the region, aspiring to lead and support pioneering businesses dedicated to being forces for good.

Protect our Environment​

We’re environmental stewards, dedicated to raising awareness about environmental and climate issues through our work. As a business, we’re conscious of our carbon footprint and actively work to minimize it. We’re committed to measuring our GHG emissions and developing strategies for reduction.

Ecosystem Builder

Our Mena Impact hub is dedicated to fostering a thriving impact ecosystem in the region. We embrace SDG 17 – partnership – and go beyond the traditional business model. Our success is intertwined with the success of others, as we believe in collaborative efforts to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

Care for our People

At Mena Impact, we engage with diverse stakeholders to foster inclusion and social impact. We prioritize collaborating with local suppliers in the MENA region to support the local economy. When that’s not feasible, we work with organizations and individuals from the global south to create job opportunities and social impact in those regions. Additionally, we believe in treating all stakeholders with respect and dignity, which includes timely payments and genuine appreciation for their talents.