B Corp certified businesses in the MENA region

B Corp Movement Flourishes in the MENA Region

In today’s evolving landscape, businesses are actively redefining their roles in society. This shift has seen a remarkable rise in Certified B Corporations (B Corps). These companies distinguish themselves through verified social and environmental performance, transparency, and legal accountability, demonstrating their unwavering commitment to balancing purpose with profit.

We celebrate this B Corp Month by highlighting the noteworthy growth of the B Corp movement in the MENA region. As businesses increasingly prioritize social and environmental responsibility, the region has witnessed a significant surge in B Corp certifications. Back in 2020, the region only had one B Corp certified company. Today, this number has risen to 15, showcasing the remarkable progress and flourishing community built around responsible business practices within the region. These exemplary companies are setting new standards for responsible business, proving that profitability can seamlessly align with a strong sense of purpose.

Meet the B Corps Leading the Way:

  • Transform: A Saudi consultancy firm specializing in leadership development, culture transformation, strategic delivery, network analysis, and corporate innovation.


  • Thmanyah | ثمانية: One of the largest content production companies in the GCC, known for fostering innovation and pushing boundaries, particularly in the Arabic podcast market.


  • Living Business: This company empowers businesses to take sustainable action through tailored coaching, workshops, and networking opportunities.


  • kiklos architects:They provide innovative design solutions that touch clients’ daily lives.


  • coREACH: A multidisciplinary solution provider coaching company offering coaching sessions, organizational programs, and coach accreditation, covering all aspects of professional development.


  • Marmalade Fish: A team of global leadership facilitators and coaches dedicated to humanizing business by building high-performance cultures grounded in values.


  • Shababuna: A for-benefit enterprise empowering youth and promoting moral awareness through creative ideation, creation, and activation.


  • Nutricia DMCC: Embraces the “One Planet. One Health” vision, reflecting the interconnectedness of human health and the planet’s health. Their mission is to protect and nourish both.


  • Hello Chef: Simplifies home cooking by delivering chef-curated recipes and pre-portioned, fresh ingredients across the UAE.


  • McCabe + Partners: An executive search and talent advisory firm committed to building diverse, inclusive, and empowered leadership teams.


  • Kadira: A UAE-based impact consulting firm focused on driving long-term value, fostering innovation, and utilizing business as a force for good.


  • Cylka Communication & CSR: A communication and public relations company specializing in consultancy services, offering innovative solutions and designing impactful social responsibility programs.


  • Bariq: The first “bottle-to-bottle” recycling facility in the MENA region, processing post-consumer plastic PET bottles and diverting them from landfills or incineration.


  • theOtherDada: Architects with a purpose and strategists with a mission, employing a holistic and biomimetic design approach centered around nature and people. They strive to create a positive impact and move the world from “ego” to “eco.”


  • Danone Egypt: A subsidiary of Danone, offering essential dairy products that meet people’s needs with great-tasting, natural, and sustainably produced foods.

The Shared Mission of B Corps in the MENA region:

The unwavering commitment of these 15 remarkable B Corps serves as a shining example of the collective power of shared goals and missions. Through their dedication to using business as a force for good, they are contributing significantly to a more inclusive and regenerative global economy, where businesses balance purpose with profit. The B Corp community in the region is actively reshaping the region’s business landscape, demonstrating that social and environmental responsibility and success go hand in hand.

Our Role

As Mena Impact, we’re active ambassadors of the B Corp movement in the region, and we understand the transformative power of using business as a force for good. We’re deeply invested in the region’s sustainable future, and we’re committed to empowering businesses to embrace the B Corp ethos. As B-Leaders, we offer a comprehensive suite of services designed to support businesses throughout their B Corp journey, including:

  • B Corp assessment and gap analysis: We help businesses identify areas for improvement to qualify for B Corp certification.
  • Strategic guidance and support: We partner with businesses to develop and implement strategies that align with the B Corp framework and their sustainability goals.
  • Capacity building and training: We provide workshops and training programs to equip businesses with the knowledge and skills needed to operate as a B Corp.
  • Connection to resources and networks: We connect businesses with relevant resources and networks to support their B Corp journey.

We believe that together, we can create a future where businesses create a positive impact for all stakeholders and the planet.

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