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Empowering MENA SMEs to Lead Climate Action: COP28 & SME Climate Hub Collaboration

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are the lifeblood of the global economy, representing 90% of all businesses. However, their role in addressing climate change has often been overlooked. Recognizing this, We Mean Business Coalition has launched a groundbreaking initiative, the SME Climate Hub, designed to empower SMEs to take meaningful climate action and build resilience for a sustainable future.

The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, in particular, is acutely vulnerable to the devastating impacts of climate change. MENA countries face the urgent need to accelerate climate action, including commitments to reduce emissions, adopt responsible practices, and fully integrate sustainability into business operations. SMEs play a pivotal role in these efforts, representing a substantial 60% of the region’s GDP.

COP28 & SME Climate Hub for MENA collaboration marks a great step forward. Regardless of size, every business now has a critical responsibility to address climate change. This innovative initiative is positioned as a transformative force, driving climate action within the private sector across the MENA region.

The partnership, supported by organizations like Masdar, First Abu Dhabi Bank, and Abu Dhabi Chamber, aims to establish a lasting platform for the sustainability endeavors of MENA SMEs. Best of all, the COP28 & SME Climate Hub for MENA is completely free, ensuring accessibility to businesses throughout the region. It’s also noteworthy for being one of the first global sustainability platforms available in Arabic, alongside English and Spanish.

Through the SME Climate Hub, MENA SMEs gain access to a wealth of free, comprehensive resources and tools. These invaluable assets enable them to make climate commitments, take tangible actions, and measure their progress in line with scientific benchmarks. Businesses can bridge knowledge and resource gaps, taking substantial steps towards climate action and leading the charge toward a net-zero future.

The SME Climate Hub is a part of the We Mean Business Coalition, Exponential Roadmap Initiative, and the United Nations’ Race to Zero campaign. It was launched in 2020, and it stands out as the only climate action platform officially endorsed by the United Nations’ Race to Zero campaign, dedicated specifically to SMEs.

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