Inner development at COP28 and climate change

The Role of Inner Development in Climate Change and COP28

As COP28 confronts the environmental challenges of our time, it prompts us to consider the inner dimensions of our shared reality. Amidst these pressing concerns, the call to action embedded within the seventeen Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) becomes more urgent.

How do we, from an inner perspective, navigate the complexities of our current reality?

The Inner Development Goals (IDGs) initiative:

Established as a non-profit organization, focuses on promoting science-based skills and qualities essential for living purposeful, sustainable, and productive lives.

By delving into the transformative skills and qualities advocated by the IDGs, we gain a clearer sense of direction and a wiser overall approach to sustainable development. As we grapple with these questions, it becomes evident that viewing ourselves merely as objects in space limits our understanding of our interconnectedness and potential for collective growth.

Instead, embracing the dynamics of the moment and recognizing the intrinsic connection between elements, as symbolized by the Yin/Yang philosophy, opens avenues for deeper engagement and collaboration. Through this lens, we move beyond a transactional mindset to actively valuing others and fostering a more inclusive and sustainable economy.

In essence, by nurturing our consciousness and embracing the principles outlined by initiatives like IDGs we can catalyze profound personal and societal transformation. This journey is powered by curiosity and a commitment to continuous learning, we challenge conventional wisdom and pave the way for a more harmonious and sustainable future.

Mena Impact had the privilege of hosting a special dinner gathering at our Impact Hub during COP28 UAE. This event was not only a celebration of our commitment to sustainability but also an opportunity to delve deeper into the intersection of inner development and outer sustainability. Our esteemed guest, Jan Artem Henriksson Henricksson, the Executive Director of the Inner Development Goals (IDGs) initiative, graced us with his presence and shared invaluable insights into the importance of inner work in navigating the complexities of our current reality.

At the workshop, organized by the Zayed International Foundation for the Environment in the Green Zone in UAE, Nadine Zidani, Founder and CEO of MENA Impact, had the privilege of moderating alongside two inspiring leaders, Dr. Charles Savage and Jan Artem Henriksson. Together, they guided the audience to go deeper into the root causes of our climate crisis and the potential of human development to address them.

The workshop provided a platform to introduce for the first time at COP28 the concept of Inner Development Goals (IDGs) as a means to empower individuals to navigate the complex, volatile, and unpredictable world we live in, and ultimately drive climate action.

As part of our commitment to fostering sustainable leadership, Mena Impact Academy offers a transformative training program aimed at empowering leaders with the necessary mindset, knowledge, and tools to drive sustainable transformation within their organizations. Through this journey from inner to outer sustainability, leaders become agents of change, building sustainable business models that contribute more to people and the planet than they consume.

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