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Mena Impact and Veolia Middle East Partnership

We are thrilled to announce our official partnership with Veolia Near & Middle East, the leader of the ecological transformation. Veolia Group specializes in designing and providing water, waste, and energy management solutions that significantly contribute to the sustainable development of communities and industries. Operating globally with a workforce of over 200,000 employees, Veolia is at the forefront of pioneering sustainability.

Our collaboration with Veolia in the Middle East is driven by our shared mission: to raise awareness about environmental and climate issues in the region. Veolia recently conducted an insightful survey, titled “Ecological Transformation Barometer,” spanning 25 countries across five continents. This comprehensive study aimed to assess people’s readiness for the ongoing transformative changes the world is undergoing. The UAE and Saudi Arabia were among the surveyed nations, revealing a clear need for enhanced environmental consciousness in the region.

One of our initial projects has been the creation of the “Let’s Turn the Tide” podcast, with our founder, Nadine Zidani, as the host. In this series, she engages a diverse array of guests, including Veolia’s team experts, corporate leaders, representatives from NGOs, and visionary startup founders. Together, they not only shed light on environmental challenges but also provide actionable insights and solutions for individuals in the region to take a proactive stance. The first season tackled critical themes such as plastic pollution, food waste, and biodiversity loss. All podcast episodes have been video recorded and are accessible on YouTube and various podcast platforms. Furthermore, we are currently developing special series to delve into additional pressing topics.

This partnership underscores our commitment to driving awareness campaigns that utilize innovative and diverse approaches to fulfill our mission in the region. It exemplifies the incredible impact we can collectively achieve when we unite under a common mission and shared goals. Together with Veolia Near & Middle East, we are set to make a profound difference in raising awareness and taking concrete actions toward a more sustainable future.

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