Masdar City & CATALYST at COP28 by Mena Impact

Innovate for Climate Tech Coalition Launches at COP28

In a groundbreaking collaboration on the global stage at COP28, the Innovate for Climate Tech Coalition emerged as a pivotal initiative, underscoring the imperative for coordinated efforts in addressing the escalating climate crisis. 

Facilitated by COP28 and anchored by Masdar City, Tencent, and the Catalyst, this coalition aims to redefine the landscape of climate technology, with a particular emphasis on empowering and integrating the Global South into the forefront of the climate tech revolution.

A Commitment to Innovation, Collaboration, and Sustainability

The launch event at COP28 showcased a collective commitment to fostering innovation, collaboration, and sustainability. The coalition brings together diverse stakeholders from the public and private sectors, bridging gaps and forging pathways for transformative change.

Empowering the Global South in Climate Technology

The Innovate for Climate Tech coalition envisions a future world for the Global South with equitable opportunities based on their own capabilities, serving as an integral part of the green revolution in technological development. The coalition seeks to bring the Global South into the climate tech revolution by promoting global cooperation and expanding the use of effective innovations to create a fair, sustainable transformation. Masdar City, Tencent, and the Catalyst act as anchors for the coalition while COP28 provides a platform for its initiatives.

“Innovate for Climate Tech Coalition is a way to include entrepreneurs heavily focused on the Global South—to bring them into the investment fields, into the knowledge fields, and into the community that we are creating.”

Steve Severance, Masdar Head of Growth

Who Can Join Innovate for Climate Tech?

The coalition adopts an inclusive approach, actively inviting additional players to join its efforts. Innovate for Climate Tech welcomes entities that share its vision to support ongoing initiatives and propose new ones aligned with its goals. For more details, interested parties can explore the coalition’s official website or reach out via email at

Why Support the Climate Tech Ecosystem?

Climate tech is crucial in tackling the escalating climate crisis, offering innovative solutions and economic opportunities. Economist Impact has explored gaps in climate tech innovation and investment, emphasizing the roles of entrepreneurs, investors, and policymakers. The report, “Climate Tech: Bridging the Gap Between Innovation and Impact,” underscores the potential of climate tech to drive economic growth, create jobs, and propel broader technological advancements. As we aim for a carbon-neutral economy by 2050, climate tech stands as a key driver for positive environmental and economic transformations.

The Innovate for Climate Tech Coalition arrives at a pivotal moment, providing entrepreneurs with the ecosystem they need to innovate and make a meaningful impact. It is paving the way for a more sustainable and inclusive future in the field of climate technology.

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